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Fight yourself. Die Trying.

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SHUT IN is a dark comedy/psychological horror adventure game which explores depression and isolation by trapping you inside your own house.

Your task is simple: Get out of bed, go outside, and get some Fresh Air. Think you can handle that?

Oh, but it might not be quite that simple. Your house isn't looking quite like it used to. You don't recognise any of these photos, everything's gotten dirty and disgusting, cracks seem to be opening up everywhere, and you're SURE everything didn't used to be so... constantly trying to kill you.

Maybe it's not worth it. Maybe go back to bed. Try again tomorrow.

If you do decide to keep going, you'll have to face strange puzzles, bizarre and uncomfortable obstacles, and a narrator who is unreliable at best, and downright insulting at worst. You'll have to get through your day under a constant barrage of judgment, sarcasm, and melancholy. If you can cope with that. Idiot.

SHUT IN is about tension and discomfort in a familiar environment. Your greatest tools are also your worst enemies. Common sense will keep you alive, but it might not get you very far. Curiosity can have great rewards, but will probably just get you killed.

But don't worry. When you (inevitably) die - because you fell down the stairs, were too stupid to operate an oven properly, got ripped apart by untold invisible horror, something like that - you can always just give up. Try again tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day.

Here's what people have been saying about the game:

“Tackles the subject of mental health in a really clever way... whilst striking the perfect balance with its dark comedy.”
9.2/10 – Full Sync

“With depth far beyond the initial on-the-surface horror story, this experience taps into the evocativeness of a mental health crisis.”
9/10 – Cubed3

"It's funny. It's darkly funny. It's cruelly funny." Buried Treasure

“Exploring themes of mental illness has certainly been done in games before, but SHUT IN does it exceptionally well.”
4/5 Adventure Gamers

“I’ve never felt more unintentionally *seen* by a video game before.”  HeyPoorPlayer 

Key Features:

  • Over a dozen unique ways to die!
  • Probably a way to survive!
  • Original atmospheric horror soundtrack by composer Luc Wilkinson.
  • Everything else done by person/mess Cael O'Sullivan.
  • A dangerous house full of original puzzles, and loads of ways to get them wrong!
  • A hint system which isn't that helpful, and often insults you!
  • Multiple items to experiment with, each with tons of unique interactions that solve no puzzles and achieve nothing.
  • Option to just stay in bed forever!
  • Quite short, so it's over quicker!
  • Writing up these features is exhausting...
  • Try again tomorrow.

-- For another game by Cael O'Sullivan & Hidden Track, check out How to Win: Season One - now available on Steam & Itch.io for absolutely free! --

Hidden Track
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Oct 30, 2020
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Comedy, Dark Humor, Halloween, Horror, Mental Health, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam, Press Kit, Twitter, Twitter


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This was such an amazing game to play. Had an absolute blast!


Great game, speaks to me as someone who’s dealt with their fair share of inner demons. Only complaint is that I am unable to get the item required for the good ending, which kinda sucks.

Wow, really love this game! The combination of the puzzles and the changing environment really interested me and I felt pretty immersed at times. I'm not really sure what I did at the ending, but I guess I just finished the game the way it should be. Once again, great job!

This will not run on mac

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I have played only like ten minutes of this but holy shit do I feel personally attacked lmao.

Why on Earth would you make this in RPG Maker and not an engine better suited to this kind of game? It couldn't be that like me you are way, way, way too absurdly proficient with that specific game engine and nothing else?

Not doing exhaustive spoilers RN but at least one of the key features is revealed as an outright lie less than five minutes into the game. I will give this more time and feedback later because I'm very intrigued, but the last thing I wanted to say is that whenever I hear any of the default RTP sound effects it detracts rom the game's otherwise stellar job of establishing a certain mood. This is probably just a me thing though, as I have been hearing some of these sound effects for literally 20 years.

This game is great. It touches such difficult topics and has a unsettling art style and atmosphere. Worth every buck. Not convinced yet? Take a peek at the amazing work yourself:


I came from the Markiplier video "What were the bees for ?"



I watched Markiplier play this game, and it looks amazing! The art style is very cool, and I love the lighting! Definitely gonna be a source of inspiration if I ever make a horror game :D

be my guest :)

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this game is awesome i think its really cool how you can turn such a terrible (and for me relatable) time into such a fun game i also think Markiplier's video gives a great insight on this game on how the house is a metaphor for one's brain - one final side note as someone who has had extreme depression,  everyone's story is different there is no such thing as a solution to depression, you might have to leave your comfort zone maybe get some fresh air or maybe you really do just need a break, everyone has a different ending.


this is unrelatebale i am someone who suffers with depression and i am also gorophobic and this is not what it feels or looks like 


For you maybe not, but people suffer from depression differently, don't think that if this experience doesn't relate to you, that it doesn't relate to others.


i dont think you looked into it enough, you only scratched the surface. that may be BECAUSE of your depression. but, for someone with a clear head, it shows you the voice in your head. the unneeded effort for small things. the constant desire to go off track, the laziness. the self-destructive thoughts. the game is much more than what it seems on the surface. however, everyone's experience is different. i really hope you make a smooth recovery and never have to suffer again, and can one day see this game for what it truly is. i hope one day you are truly happy for the rest of your life :)

hai :)


Don't you mean Agoraphobic? Also like everyone is saying: people experience things like Depression differently


This game was pretty good. I have to fully support a game this well polished.

This is part 1. I'm still trying to figure things out.


Part 2 in case you're curious. Overall fun game, love the humor.

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literally the game ever i'm so fascinated with it and i can't wait for 1.2. where do i report bugs though? 

Really cool game! Got it in the bundle and it was interesting, I liked the humour and commentary.


Tried out your game...

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Funny humor, good atmosphere, can be tense sometimes - a solid game. Lets get this out before AlphaBetaGamer and Manly get their hands on it ;)


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Part 2




Loved these videos :)

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Fun game, enjoyed, and I'll be making an LP on it - though I'm wanting to ask a few things in your Twitter DMs if you don't mind lending me your time.