SHUT IN v1.2.2 - Some updates... and some advice on How to Win.

We've had a couple of new versions of the game, and we have a few little updates for you...

Patch Notes v1.2.1:


  • ✔ Changed USB Cable description to add a small hint.

Bug fixes:

  • ✔ Fixed visual bug exposing concealed part of wall in The Box.
  • ✔ Fixed instance of an endgame message repeating itself.
  • ✔ Fixed an issue which occasionally halted bottom-of-screen text in the Upper Hallway.
  • ✔ Various small text / formatting changes.

Patch Notes v1.2.2:

Bug fixes:

  • ✔ Removed a bug causing the Strange Jar to occasionally be added to the player's inventory whilst upstairs.
  • ✔ Fixed an issue which allowed players to continue using items on the Upper Hallway shelf after already picking up the Photograph.
  • ✔ Fixed an issue which caused the wall in The Box to occasionally overlap with the player.
  • ✔ Various small text / formatting changes.

And finally, after hearing from several players who have discovered a few endings, and would like some hints and advice on How to Win...

You should go play it!!!!!! 

That's right, that other game I worked on in collaboration with Hidden Track Theatre is now available FOR FREE!!! 

If you're looking for an anarchic visual novel / interactive theatre / mad gaming experiment fiasco, check out How to Win: Season One, on Steam and now!

That's what you meant by How to Win, right? ... right??


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