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Update v1.1 - SHUTDOWN: Patch Notes

It's dark down there. You should probably turn back.

It's here. And it's not happy...

SHUTDOWN, our first major content update, is finally LIVE! After a lot of hard work, I can proudly announce (regrettably warn against) a grim variety of brand new content, that even the most die hard

 SHUT IN fans might find... a little bleak.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Patch Notes:

  • New area: Basement
    Three new rooms await down in the depths of the house. But that's about as far from your front door as you can get. Resist temptation, or let your curiosity get the better of you, and plunge down into the depths of... wait, what even is this place?

  • New items 
    But to get there, you'll need a little electrical assistance . A new item is in the house that can grant you access to the basement, which hides an even more elusive  treasure within.

  • New ending
    Keep going far enough, and you might find a way out . Although, it might not be what you were expecting. Or maybe it was what you were looking for all along.

  • And, of course, new deaths
    There are always new threats lurking in the safety and comfort of your own home. Four  new unique ways to die horribly and feel terribly about yourself await down there. To be honest, you probably shouldn't bother...

  • Gameplay changes
    ✔ Allowed entry into the secret hallway before picking up the Knife.
    ✔ Added a clue to help enter the secret hallway.
    ✔ Added some extra (useless) item interactions.

  • Bug Fixes
    ✔ Fixed an issue which occasionally displayed the incorrect playtime on game completion… again.~
    ✔ Fixed an issue which very rarely caused the first letter of highlighted words to not appear.
    ✔ Fixed an issue which occasionally caused highlighted text to not appear.
    ✔ Correctly aligned item images with Item Box, except for the Plunger apparently.
    ✔ Items can now be used immediately on appropriate doors after respawning.
    ✔ Deleted some stray unused files to reduce space.


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