SHUT IN Update v1.2: SHUT UP - Coming Friday 15 Oct!

SHUT UP and get cleaning. -- Fri 15 Oct

Tired of living in such a messy home? Does your tired old decor need an update? Maybe that's what you need to get out of this rut. Maybe this will fix all of your problems!

The next major content update for SHUT IN will be releasing on Friday 15th October, and you can expect plenty of small changes and pointless distractions as you ride the slow train to another mundane death!

Some things take time. And you'd better hope you've got plenty of it if you want to experience everything the Attic has to offer. New rooms, items, deaths, features, and another two incredible tracks from the wonderful Luc Wilkinson will be ready to explore - if you've got the patience.

Nobody said home improvement was easy.

Fresh water, old smells, new life, painful memories, dust, dirt and ~disappointment~ await upstairs, in the fusty tomb of a life that may have once been worth living.

Also, as this is a sizable (comparatively) update to the game, I'm really happy with the state it's in, and I'm excited to work on other projects in the foreseeable future - SHUT UP is currently planned as the last major content update for SHUT IN. It's been almost a year since release now, and with more than 13 rooms, 26 items, 21 deaths, and 4 endings, that little SHUT IN house is looking pretty full. And I've got to say a huge thanks to everybody out there who has stuck with it for all of this time!

That's all for now - stay tuned, and thanks again everybody!


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